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Our Mission is Simple

We want to develop each player holistically so they can thrive as players and as human beings.

Our Current Players Say

“Since joining SFC, our daughter has grown significantly as a player.  Her technical skills both on and off the ball continues to improve every week.  It goes without saying that she has great coaches who care how she develops as a player on and off the field.”


“Dwight and the other coaches truly care about the development of all the kids and more importantly they care about each of the kids personally. Our daughter absolutely loves Superb and does not want to play anywhere else. The level of play Superb coaches them and pushes them is far greater than any other club in the area. Our daughter’s skills in goal have tremendously improved as well as her field play on and off the ball. I am excited to see what the future brings!!!”


“I am amazed by how much our daughter and son have grown as players since they started attending Superb. Their skill level and understanding of the game have accelerated exponentially. Watching them from one game to the next I am astonished by the effectiveness of Superb’s coaching philosophy. My only regret is that we didn’t discover Superb earlier in our family’s journey!”


Our Holistic Approach

In order to accomplish our mission, we provide our members an athletic experience of the highest quality with the most affordability: taking a holistic approach to player development that includes:


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