The Superb Futbol Club Development Pathway focuses on developing leadership, character, and skill at all levels of play.

Consistently, providing quality instruction and training is important to the development of all players.  Training and playing on grass, sand, and smooth surfaces (futsal) allows players to develop their skills faster and experience the game of Futbol in all it’s exciting forms.

That’s Training to Live By!

Our programs are designed to develop a player holistically in the areas of character, strength, and competitiveness.

The Development League is open to ALL players ages 3 – 18. Participating in the Superb Futbol Club Development League means you will receive instruction by quality coaches while training and playing on grass, sand, and smooth surfaces (futsal).  Instead of focusing on one style of play, different surfaces provide an environment that accelerates growth and the FUN FACTOR!  Since the focus of Superb Futbol Club is the development of the individual player, teams will vary each week so that the focus is on player growth and not which team has won the most games at the end of the season.  Commitment is season by season (Fall, Winter, Spring).  Practices will take place once per week with one game each weekend.

Building on the Development League, players can be selected by coaches to be part of a Pre-Academy team.  In addition to playing in the Development League, players on a Pre-Academy team will have an opportunity to compete against teams from other clubs by participating in local tournaments. Consequently, this provides an opportunity for players to continue to develop leadership and character skills in a competitive environment.  While Pre-Academy players will continue to participate in their weekly practices and games through the Development League, where they are continuing to develop on different surfaces, they will also train as a team once a week at Superb Soccer in a futsal environment focusing on their technical and tactical play. Pre-Academy is a season by season invitation (Fall, Winter, Spring) available to players ages 7 – 18.

The Academy program takes competition and training to the next LEVEL. Players, ages 8 – 18, in the Academy program are selected through a tryout process in the Spring each year.  Tryouts are followed by a ten month commitment to the program (August – May). Training includes two team practices and one Technical Training session with Superb Soccer each week.  Players will participate in weekend league games and at least two tournaments per season with opportunities for additional tournaments.

Download the 2021-2022 calendars below:

When players show they are ready they can be invited to be part of the Premier Academy. This program requires the truly committed athlete ages 11 -18.  It is a year commitment (June – May) and requires team practice twice a week, Technical Training once a week, and Sports Performance Training once a week. Competition includes weekend league games and one tournament a month. These teams will also be provided opportunities to play abroad.